Leadership: What Really Matters

Leadership: What Really Matters

By Ken Byler, Managing Partner, Higher Ground Consulting Group, LLC

Most businesses and not-for-profit organizations that I know care about leadership.  Yet many of those same enterprises fail to invest in the behaviors that matter most to be an effective leader.  According to a McKinsey research study there are four subsets of leadership skills that correlate with leadership success, especially frontline leaders.

  1. Solving problems effectively. Anyone who has ever made an important decision knows that problem solving skills are critical, but too many times leaders fail to get this process right.
  2. A results orientation. Leaders need to know how to create and communicate a compelling vision but also how to effectively create a plan and execute it.
  3. Seeking different perspectives. It’s easy for leaders to allow their own biases to impact decisions. That’s why encouraging the people they manage to contribute ideas is so important.
  4. Supporting others. Leaders who are supportive sense how people are feeling, are authentic, build trust, and inspire others. They intervene at the right times and know how to allay fears and prevent internal conflict.

Where do leaders gain these valuable skills?  Since 2011 the Leadership Upper Bucks (LUB) program has provided a diverse group of leaders from the Upper Bucks region the opportunity to explore these ideas and learn how to master them.  The curriculum introduces participants to their preferred leadership approach, management style, and how they work on teams; teaches listening skills; provides access to community and non-profit leaders; and includes a company project component so what is learned in class can be applied in the workplace.

The program’s half-day format (classes meet during the afternoon on the third Thursday of each month from September through May) is easy to navigate and the tuition of $895 ($995 for non-chamber members) is very affordable.  Classes are highly-interactive and professionally facilitated to maximize learning opportunities.

If the core skills outlined earlier are important to your organization then consider sending one of your new or seasoned leaders to the Leadership Upper Bucks (LUB) Class of 2016.  For more information log on to http://www.ubcc.org/chamber_information/leadership_upper_bucks.aspx or call the Chamber Office at 215.536.3211.


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