Community is Elsa O’Brien’s Passion

The You’ve Got Maids Quakertown franchise owner built her business from scratch four years ago, along with husband and business partner Bruce O’Brien, out of the family’s own need for housekeeping services.

Recently honored at an annual meeting by You’ve Got Maids corporate officials in South Carolina, O’Brien received an award for being the highest grossing franchise in the United States.

In her acceptance speech, O’Brien said she encouraged her peers to join their local chambers of commerce. “It’s a no brainer,” O’Brien said of chamber membership. Being part of the chamber community is something O’Brien said she encourages of any business owner, large or small. “Being part of your community is huge and if you want to build your business it’s something you must do,” O’Brien said.

“Go to business card exchanges- they’re brilliant for making connections,” O’Brien said. O’Brien said early on, she made sure she was wearing her work T-Shirt whenever she went to a chamber mixer, so folks would recognize her. The outgoing and friendly O’Brien said recently, she leaves the T-Shirt at home, because she’s comfortable people know her now. “You meet a lot of people at mixers. Some of the stories you hear are unique, and some are similar to yours, but you get to share them and hear them (from business peers),” O’Brien explained.

In four short years, the O’Brien’s business has grown from two startup employees to 24. Her reach to encompass community has grown as well. O’Brien’s firm participates in a nationwide non-profit program called “Cleaning for a Reason,” which offers cleaning services four times a year, to women suffering with cancer. O’Brien’s success has taught her valuable life-long lessons. “I’m not the same person I was four years ago,” O’Brien explained. “If you put your heart and soul into something, you can do it,” O’Brien said.

To view O’Brien’s take on ‘Cleaning for a Reason,’ and the importance of giving back locally, view the video posted online at


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