How to increase referrals for your service-based company


by Nick Hance, UBCC Member and CEO of Reenhanced

Does it feel like you’re suiting up for battle every time you go to a networking event? You’re ready to make a charge and “network” with as many people as possible?

What if, instead, you could feel more comfortable talking to potential customers, and have others want to talk to you? What if your existing customers went out of their way to refer others to your business?

If you make a small change in the way you communicate to your customers, you’ll be surprised at the results you might see.

See, your customers are going to remember the experience of working with you as much or more than they remember the results of working with you. When we make a referral, we do it because of the way we feel more than the things we have. So if you take steps to make your customers more comfortable, they’ll be much more likely to refer you.

How do you do that?

It starts by understanding why your customers buy. See, customers (and businesses) will only buy something when the benefits of buying are greater than the costs. This is as true for bedsheets as it is for a living will. It’s your job as the business owner to help your customer discover how buying from you is actually to their benefit.

This means spending time on the phone in the beginning to figure out if you’re actually a good fit for your customer. If you find that they can’t benefit greater than your costs, then turn them away and watch the leads come in. The credibility and integrity you’ll gain is far greater than the occasional mis-matched sale and will work to your benefit in the long run.

And when you start working only with customers who benefit from buying from you, incredible things happen. You’ll feel an almost immediate shift in your sales calls. You’ll be able to comfortably network. All of the pressure for making the sale is lifted.

Your customers will actually want to talk to you. They’ll look for ways to spend more money with you, because they know you won’t sell them something that isn’t to their benefit.

And your referrals will increase.

This is a guest post by Nick Hance, CEO of Reenhanced. If you like this article, you can get more like this delivered to your email by signing up at


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